August 22, 2007

French Beach...Good Friends!

Okay so here is my drastic new change....the box said "warm chocolate brown".... this, my friends, is more of a darkest, of the dark brown chocolate!!
Ah well, I enjoy a change now and then, and I was certainly due for one. In May, the night before Youth Convention I dyed my hair red-brown o top and brown underneath. I've been noticing my normal, medium brown roots showing through lately, so I decided to even out all my blah brown tones.....even out it did!! (My dad just walked in and called me "Elvira"...come on, it's not that dark!! Not black....just the darkest brown you can get......)

Okay, on to the main even of this posting....Our stormy Saturday at French Beach.

I decided I really wanted a nice day at French Beach, a campfire, some hotdogs, some I spread the word and a few dear friends joined me in our adventure to beat and avoid the rain!

After some spitting moments in the parking lot, we braved the cooler day and started our driftwood fire, cooking our weird hotdogs and smokies and generally enjoying the company.

Our very weird, curly smokies!!

Trying to eat the aforementioned smokies....

Here comes the rain..."I give it about 10 minutes..."

And here comes the wind....and strange...face behaviour....

We quickly got out of there once the sky opened up and poured, but what a great day with friends! Thanks!!

August 16, 2007

Summer Days...pretty places...

Heeeeere's Sophie, galloping back to me after a nice romp on the beach with a few other dogs.

Oh our lovely summer days! Sophie and I have been having suck lovely walks now that she is back from her summer vacation at my sister's house on the mainland.

And here is a wonderful garden near our house where the dahlias are the biggest I have ever seen! Wow!

On my day off this week, Sophie and I took a drive out to French Beach.
(Shantala and Dan's camping trip there inspired me to go back to one of my childhood favourite places.)

The day was hot and calm, and there was barely anyone on the beach.

Here's Sophie trying to drink the seawater...ew! Poor girl, I forgot to let her get a drink before we walked down the beach, so we walked back to the campground, ate our sandwich then I filled the ziploc bag with water (fresh) for her to gulp up.

Sophie resting after our long walks up and down the beach.
She was a trooper and navigated over all the rocks like a pro!

Me, taking a photo of...well me, and the ocean.

We've had a great summer so far and I look forward to many more lovely days at home or around town. Sophie and I both love walks and beaches so if you're ever around, let me know, we're always looking for people to go for walks with. :)

August 7, 2007

Summers Past

Summer used to be a time for sleeping in, planning fun days, going to the beach, swimming, sun tanning, taking the bus to the mall, going out to movies, BBQs, taking trips with family, or having family come visit you.....

Some of these summer fun activities are still available to a late-20-something, full-time working woman like me. I enjoy the air conditioned movie theatres, the trips, the BBQs and lakes when I have the time or when friends and family are around to join up with. But some of the lazy, leisure time will never be the same as when I was growing up as a child, then as a young teen.
True enough, I didn't really have a summer job until after I graduated from high school, besides the odd babysitting, but I truly, heartily enjoyed every moment of my summers growing up.

My mom played a major role in helping us to have good summers. She worked part of the weeks but when she was off, she would take us everywhere....museums, lakes, beaches, mini golfing, and any other fun or touristy place we wished to go! She would pack sandwiches, or picnics or let us get fish and chips or some other yummy treat. We have had countless sunny days people-watching on seaside shores, or walking along beaches, with me always collecting rocks and shells.

Camps more often than not, took up at least one week for each of us; kids camp or teen camp or when I was really little, family camp on Sylvan Lake. I always made new friends, played new, fun games, grew closer to God and always had a terrific if exhausting time!

Living in such a beautiful city, we always had streams of company stay with or visit us. From family and friends, we showed them the best side of Victoria, taking them to the prettiest spots, the nicest parks, the most lovely walks around. Mom always made spectacular meals as we all gathered together to enjoy some chatter and catch up on one another's lives. I always treasured my summers.

One summer in particular, my dearest friend became a summer ally as we made each day an adventure, whether at the beach, or overnight with sleepovers and fun movies. That summer my mom's side of the family arranged to all come and visit, bringing loads of aunts and uncles but more importantly to me, cousins! I loved my cousins! A few were close in age to me, and the younger ones were all so cute and I hadn't seen them in what felt like ages. So amidst our small family reunion of sorts, my pal Elise tagged along as an extra 'cousin'. We packed lunches and picnics, and planned outing after outing....Beacon Hill Park, Elk Lake, Fort Rod Hill, Esquimalt Lagoon (where only Elise and I braved the freezing water to try riding a log in the waves! I still remember how crazy we were!). We did it all and Elise fit in just perfectly!

As I grow older, creating more memories to fill my summers, I remember less and less specifics from when I was a child. I recall more the feelings, the events and the best moments. That summer was a great one, with family and friends so close, and I will treasure it always!

Here are a few photos of a day Elise and I were at French Beach. I don't remember who else came, I don't remember what else happened that day, all I remember is how much fun we had and how splendid summer seemed. Back then, it seemed those long summer days would last a lifetime....I am certain now, that those wonderful days will live on as childhood highlights, memories that will never fade.