February 28, 2007

Ok, so I caved....

and started watching the ever-so seemingly popular "One Tree Hill".
Yes. I caved. I bought in to the shocking gasps at my proclamations that no, I have never seen even the slightest moment or an episode.
Season One has finished downloading and I just completed watching Season One, Episode One....
my thoughts -
Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) is ever-so dreamy! Hmmm, perhaps not dreamy, but probably the utter fantasy of ever high school girl alive, not to mention the complete flashback fantasy for all us elderly, post-educational institute females! I mean, dang, he's cute! And a jock that not only looks hot but loves to read Shakespeare and sticks up for his mom...sheesh! I'd marry him tonight if he were a few years older....and real.
I only have the first episode under my belt so please do not fill me in on anything pertaining to story lines or even hints at what is to come. I realize I have a heck of a lot to catch up on, but I guess I would be willing to sit through many more hours of gazing on that lovely handsome face and wish I was back in high school (as someone else entirely, of course...don't we all?).
I am enjoying the conundrum Lucas faces of plunging into a whole new world of jocks and cheerleaders, of teams and personal vendettas, not to mention the obvious future dilemma of possibly having to choose over his best bud and gal-pal over the interestingly different cheerleader. Hmmm, how will it all play out? Will Nathan and Lucas ever feel like brothers, let a lone like friends or even teammates? Will Dan ever own up to his role as Lucas' father or will his uncle finally take on the role permanently by getting together with Lucas' mom after all these years?
Only watching more episodes will tell me the answers to these burning questions....
Until next time, when I update you on the shocking revelations and more!
Or until next time when I will post something completely different!
Sweet Dreams!!

February 25, 2007

So It's been brought to my attention....

that I have not posted in a while.....
While true, I will take this opportunity to say......neither have some of you! There. Now that we've established that I'm not the only blog-slacker...
I've slowly been getting my home sorted out, unpacked and tidied....slowly.
Last weekend my parents really helped me a bunch by helping me unpack some more boxes and taking away all my cardboard boxes and paper.
I've been settling in and enjoying my neighbourhood immensely!!!
The crocuses are all out, purple, yellow, white, the daffodils are bursting and even some tulips are showing some colour. The trees that line my street and all those surrounding are all light pink cherry trees that are just beginning to open their delicate little pink flowers!
This isn't really in focus but you get the idea. So dainty and pretty!

Sophie and I have discovered (after my dad's common sense suggestion) another beach to walk to that is even closer than the place we've been walking everyday. This new beach is sandy and even has a dog park above it.

The sunsets and morning sunrises are so beautiful here! And the other day it was so windy and cold, but so invigorating to walk in and to watch the waves crashing up on the rocks! Have I mentioned I love the ocean!?!
This doesn't really look too stormy, but I assure you the waves were a-crashing!

One more funny picture....a few houses away, we always pass these two houses with little faerie doors on trees in front of their houses. This is one....it's cute but kind of tacky and silly. The other one is more simple and sweet. I'll have to snap a pic of that one, too.

Well, I hope you all have a great week!
Keep updating your blogs, I check them all, really I do. I may not comment too often, but i love reading about your kids, your projects, your family and friends and your adventures!!

PS - Did I mention that all these photos were taken with my new phone?
Not too bad, eh?! I'm still working on getting the shots clear and not blurry, but it's hard with Sophie tugging on my wrist (via her leash) for us to keep walking.

February 13, 2007

Ikea treats! & Ocean walk

Last week my parents were both in Vancouver for a few days and I happened to mention that if they were planning on stopping by Ikea....I might want them to look at tall, slender bookcases....but only if they were planning on going, of course.
So on Saturday morning I received a call from my wonderful father who was pricing out bookcases for me. He ended up getting the perfect one!! It fits beside my fireplace and we kind of angled it to make it more accessible to get books out.
And books I have! A lot of books!

Here are empty and full photos of my new shelves:

Also, after my dad asked if there was anything else I wanted him to look at....I said, Hmmm, check out the small dressers, I could use a nice smaller one.
So he looked, and I measured and we priced out....and he ended up picking up this lovely 3 drawer dresser! I love it! It fits perfectly by my bed. He also picked up a pack of drawer organizers which really work well. I could use some more.

Here are photos, of course! (that's my new phone on the top!)

I also wanted to post this photo of a walk to the beach during the day.

February 9, 2007

My Evening Walks - photos!

So here is the lovely ocean view Sophie and I get when we go for our evening walks. We walk to the end of a street where there is beach access...
Then we stop and gaze over the sunsetting sky, the ocean, the mountains across the straight....ahhh, so nice!

February 8, 2007

New Techno Toy

Well after 4 decent years of service, my old cell phone has finally been replaced by the new, the fancy and the ever-so-cool Nokia 6265i 'slider' cell phone! I researched and asked around and went to 2 different cellular stores and decided that this little beauty was to be mine. Honestly, I have never owned anything so sleek, so futuristic-looking....it even feels like the Matrix phones that slid open. It has a 2.0 MP camera and plays MP3s (with the extra memory card I purchased)
I looooove my new phone!

February 7, 2007

My Living Room and Fish

Hey, Here is a quick pic of my living room....yes it is still messy and not yet finished but here's how it's laid out. And here's a closer look at my shiny clean fish tank and some of the fish.
My place is still cluttery but soon it will be tidy and I'll show it it more then.

February 6, 2007

Unpacking nightmare!

You know, I really thought I was being all wonderfully organized by having everything, and I mean everything, packed up in boxes all ready for my move. I wrote on every box whether it was bedroom, living room, kitchen, dishes, desk, etc etc. However, I SHOULD have also taken the extra moment to actually write on the box exactly WHAT was in them!! I am now mid-unpacking and cannot seem to find ANYTHING! Arg! How lame! I have lamps but no light bulbs. I have a wonderful fireplace but no lighters or matches, I have 2 out of the 6 of my favourite drinking glasses...and so on and so forth. The other nightmare was last night I went to the old house to pack up my big fish tank to bring over. That in itself is a huge undertaking, but it so happened that the owner was ripping out the bathroom so all the water was shut off. I mean, no big deal, really, just that I was planning on cleaning everything at the old house before I brought it into my new clean place with no bathtub to wash stuff. Ah well.
The tank was drained, the fish all caught and bagged and I headed home with a CAR FULL of fish stuff; the tank, boxes of bagged fishies, boxes of fish maintenance stuff, buckets full of icky gravel....and my dog, Sophie, who, other that sticking to me like glue and being a bit whiny lately from all the moving, behaved very well and got a cookie once we got home.
Well the after a few hours of cleaning and setting up the industrial shelves (did you know 1 gallon of water = 10 lbs!! That means my 25 gallon tank is 250 lbs PLUS the 2 inches of gravel covering the bottoms!! Yowzah!!) I finally got the aquarium and all its' inhabitants settled. And it looks...glorious, I must say!! All shiny and clean! All the fish are fighting for the prime hiding spots! One I get more batteries for my camera I will snap a photo.
THEN I must tell you that I was on such an unpacking kick that I began to unpack the stacks of boxes in my bedroom! And I do mean stacks!! They basically block in my bed so that I've been rolling out of the end of my bed every morning and I needed to get my clothes all organized so I can find them and stop living out of one meager suitcase.
As my unpacking adrenaline coursed through me I popped in the dvd I'd been watching while I set up my aquarium, Pride and Prejudice (my desk and computer are in my bedroom) and began the massive undertaking of unpacking the boxes in my bedroom.

I unpacked and put away and flattened boxes.....

until 3 am rolled around and I was nearly done!!! I still have a few more to go, books and Misc boxes (who knows what's in them!) but I'm almost done!!! I got my tall paper Ikea lamp set up (found the bulbs) and my little bedside table and clothes all put away! Magnificent! I paused the dvd, which due to the title and content was still going on and on about "losing one's good opinion" and "fair prospects", crawled into bed and was fast into my little 4 hours of sleep, dreaming of Mr. Darcy's intense gaze, before I had to get up again.
I'm am feeling quite well so far this morning, but my father tells me around 2 pm my colossal tiredness will hit me and I fear I may crash!

PS - Is anyone moving soon and in need of boxes??? I have loads that are terrific!! Let me know!
PPS - OH and I finally sold my table and chairs last night! I got way less than I had hoped for but I was very glad to be rid of them.

February 2, 2007

I am moved!!

Yes, everyone, rejoice with me! I have now moved into my new home! Yay!
(I still have some cleaning to do at the old place, but I'm not thinking about that until Saturday.)
Yes, I am in my new digs and even though I am surrounded by piles of boxes and I can't find anything yet, I am happy!
My place is so very cute! Stained glass window accents, little nooks and cute little windows in unexpected corners, a wonderful big stone fireplace with a huge wooden mantle, quite a bit of closet space (and I'll need it all!), gardens all around my windows, one block from the ocean, wonderful neighborhood to walk in.....wow! I can't believe it! Plus my landlord upstairs is super nice! I mentioned maybe installing another electrical outlet for my computer, since there are very few outlets and none near my desk, he did it right away yesterday!! Wow!
It has only been a two days but so far Sophie and I have enjoyed lovely walks to see the sun setting or rising. All the houses in the area are ready to burst with flower blooms. Ahhh, so excited!!
I will take some photos when my house does not look like it got hit over the head by a packing fairy. Boxes and paper and boxes, oh my!!

On a side note, I just wanted to say that I really love reading all your blogs (all you friends, near and far). I love hearing about your kids or your projects or your thoughts about who is lame, your movie recommendations and your clothing or hair experiments....all of it!
I love reading it all! Keep it up!!

PS - This is me...on my...uh...cell phone...yeah, it's new. Ask Meg, she knows!!