January 30, 2007

Ack! Moving in ONE sleep!

Oh my oh my oh my!! So, yes I am moving tomorrow! Crazy! I can't wait to be in my new place but it seems to be taking forever to get everything packed and ready to go. But I'm almost there and I just have to keep thinking about how nice my new place is to keep me going. Can't wait!!

I also must say that usedvictoria.com is a Godsend!! I have sold quite a few things on that site and even got rid of a big old dresser today! However, there are a few little irks that bug me:
a) No shows. If you set up a time to come look at a piece of furniture or whatever...show up or call if you can't make it or no longer want it!!! Wow! I have had quite a few people waste my time by not showing up. Lame!!

b) Hagglers who don't know how to haggle....today some lady took the bus to come look at my table and chairs then she proceeds to try and talk me into delivering the stuff after I've already told her I can't, Then she gave me a 'poor me' story and tried to offer me almost nothing. I stuck to my guns and simply said, nope, I can let it go for this amount or I'll take it with me when I move tomorrow. Sheesh....know when and how to haggle properly. and

c) I guess I need to spell things out ex-act-ly on my ads that the piece of furniture is BIG and needs 2 people to come get it. Almost every thing I've sold, whether it was a bed and boxspring, heavy dressers or tables, everyone seems to come alone and obviously expects me to help them carry it out. I mean, I don't mind, I'm able to do it, but how did they figure I'd be able to? What if I had a cast on one leg or was in a wheelchair? People seems to assume a lot these days. So my tip: bring a friend with you to help. Yeah.
That's my rant and rave for now. I truly love that I was able to sell or give away some stuff! Yay for www.usedvictoria.com!!

PS - Anyone want a free fridge for their garage? I've got a great working one you can have!!

And I still have my kitchen table and 6 chairs if someone wants to purchase them for a good deal. Come on, haggle with me, I dare ya! :)

January 23, 2007

Moving Countdown - 1 Week!!

Yes, my friends, it is exactly ONE WEEK until I move!
I can't believe it! This time is drawing near! Ahhhhh! I have to finish packing!!
Anyway, I sold the two cool Ikea DVD shelves and the people who wanted the table and chairs never showed! Sheesh, some people!
So for sale, I still have the loveseat, kitchen table and 6 chairs and a great patio set (still need to take a photo).
Packing is going....slow. I need to get going on it but yesterday it felt like it was the last thing I wanted to do. I'm about 65% done, I'd say...I still have to pack small stuff, bedroom stuff, bathroom stuff and all the dishes I've kept out to use this week. Maybe I should get a few paper plates and bowls for the week, Hmmmm. I also need to go through allllll my older boxes with sentimental tokens and childhood memorabilia. Yikes! I need to get moving!
Next Tuesday (during the day) is my big moving day, so if any of you know of anyone I can get to come help my dad and I carry boxes or help carry my few pieces of furniture, please, please let me know! I'd even be willing to buy a pizza dinner/lunch to treat whoever can help me!

January 20, 2007

Sold some stuff.

Again with the alliteration, can't escape it!

Note: I added a lot more blog links on the right --->
I visit those blogs regularly to keep up with you all!

Anyway, this week I sold a few more items that I need to get rid of before I move. The green chair and ottoman, 2 small fish tanks and my 33 gallon aquarium (sniff - it leaked but it was my fav!).
I also put a few more items up on usedvictoria.com: my kitchen table and 6 chairs, a loveseat/hideabed, few more small fish tanks and some cool Ikea brand DVD shelves. If you know anyone who is interested in any of these items, e-mail or call me asap.
I also have an awesome patio set that I need to sell. I'll take photos and post it on usedvic tomorrow. It has a big frosted glass table and six bendy/rocking style chairs each with big chair pads.
The packing is going okay. Thanks to the people who gave me excellent boxes! I have waaaay too much stuff so I am sorting and getting rid of what I don't really need or don't have room for.
Tonight I went to White Spot for dinner with my dad. I love their BC Burger! It's just too bad it took so long and our fries were barely warm...sheesh. Ah well. We enjoyed it.
That's all for now folks!

PS - I realize my blog is probably not as fun as all you mommies or mommies-to-be out there, with cute photos of babies or the crazy cute things your kids do.
I'll try to keep mine interesting!

Here are the couple things I have for sale...any takers??????

January 16, 2007

My Barbie Dream House

Yes, my new home looks a lot like a Barbie Dream House, which as a child I never had. I always played with a homemade doll house that some nice person made for my older sister. Sure that doll house was wonderful, but in the back of my little girl mind I always wanted to play with the big pink houses that were displayed on commercials and toy flyers.
So now I have my pink house! Ha! It's so cool!It will be so easy to tell people if they are coming over, "Which house is it? Why, it's the big pink house."
Have I said how excited I am?!? Well I am!!!

January 15, 2007

Home Sweet HOME!!!

First of all - isn't the snow lovely?? I Looove snow! Even though it is a bit maddening and sometimes hard to drive in and get around, I love the cold, brisk air and how bright the snow makes everything!
Now on to the big news...

Well thank you everyone who has been looking and praying and hoping for me to find a new place to live because it paid off!!! I found a new HOME!!! YAY!! A new home without rats!! Yay to no rats!!!
Anyway, after weeks of talking to everyone I knew, checking out a few suites, calling around and constantly searching online classifieds, I finally found the new home of my dreams!!
I went to check out this 1 bedroom, ground-level suite with my parents for support and their professional opinions, and even before we saw the house I knew I wanted to live in that particular neighborhood! It is ONE block from the ocean and a beach, a few blocks from shopping, a lovely residential neighbourhood full of wonderful heritage homes and beautifully gardened properties and yards!!
THEN we saw the suite.
It was so charming and cute! I'd have my own gate into the yard, lots of street parking (non-regulated) and a small but nice patio area.

The kitchen is yellow and white with excellent paint, tile and moldings, a good sized kitchen and a small, but cute and clean modern bathroom.
The living room has a working fireplace and i
s painted yellow with one wall a terracotta colour. It is a nice size and will fit my furniture (after selling a few pieces).
The bedroom is also a good size with two closets, though not too deep, they will be adequate for what I need to store. I even have my own washer and
dryer that look fairly new!!
The best part is the landlord doesn't mind me having my dog!! YAY for Sophie and her good behaviour when I brought her to meet them!!
I'll post some photos below, but keep in mind that is NOT my furniture....(lovely isn't it? eesh!)
As soon as I move in, I'll take some photos of me and Sophie in our new home.
If anyone has any spare boxes or packing paper, I would much appreciate as many as possible. I'm already packing up a storm with a little help from some wonderful friends!

Kitchen, there is room on the left for either a small table or maybe just some shelving since I don't really use my table and chairs very often. The bathroom is behind and to the right. Nice white and teal tiles and paint.

And through a glass French door is the living room. All carpeted and I can burn the presto logs until they put in a gas insert, which may be soon.

Another shot of the living room, lots of space and nice bright windows.

The bedroom is way bigger than this photos makes it look.

Oh and PS - I am doubly glad I have to move out of this house because guess what little critter I found scratching around in my BEDROOM!!!!???? ANOTHER RAT!!! Sophie and I chased it out and I hope we catching him so I don't have to feel all creep-ified every night when I turn out the lights. AND I had a mini flood in the basement a week ago when a drain clogged up and gave me an inch or two of water flowing through the downstairs. I saved most of my boxes and nothing was really damaged. My precious dad came over even though he had a rotten cold and helped me (well really, he did it) shop-vac up the water and mop up. (He also fixed my car - what a guy!!!)

January 9, 2007

Photoz ov phrendz

Greetings everyone out there who checks up on me and my life!
Here are a few photos, some random, and some not so very random...yeah.

This is my leettle friend...
(Isn't she so cute...Ooosie boo....)

These are lonely socks - the dryer monster ate their mates!
(Yes, in answer to the inevitable question, I was bored.)

These are my two buds...
This is me and M...
And lastly another pic of my dear leeltle pal!
(She is always sacked out on the bed and mostly tolerates me taking her picture and messing with her hair.)

January 3, 2007

Santa, Snow and Searching

Yes, yes, I know alliteration is blasé, boring and better left behind, but as my title suggests I want to talk about my Christmas, show you some more snow photos and about my search for a home.

First of all - my Christmas holiday was fab-u-lous! I had a wonderful time with family and friends! We laughed, we relaxed, we ate (oh my, did we eat some lovely delicacies!) and we opened presents! Santa was ever so goooood to me! He even delivered a brand new guitar in a really cool and apparently indestructible case! How fun! I'll have to pull out my beginners chord book and relearn a thing or two.

One aspect of Christmas time that my family always loves to participate in is decorating - the house, the lights, the villages, the tree...oh my.
Here are a few photos of my tree, the lights in my living room and my miniature Christmas village.

My Village without a flash:

Village with flash, so you can see some details...

Here are a few photos of my house after the big snowfall a while ago:

I also wanted to update anyone who happens to read my blog that I am still in search of a suite to rent. The house I am renting is being sold so so and my little dog are in need of a 1 bedroom suite for rent for February or March 1st. If you know of anywhere, please send me a message. I would greatly appreciate it!

And hey, does anyone want to buy a cheap but nice comfy double bed or recliner?
Check out my ads on UsedVictoria.com Click here.

Thanks! Have a peachy week!