January 23, 2007

Moving Countdown - 1 Week!!

Yes, my friends, it is exactly ONE WEEK until I move!
I can't believe it! This time is drawing near! Ahhhhh! I have to finish packing!!
Anyway, I sold the two cool Ikea DVD shelves and the people who wanted the table and chairs never showed! Sheesh, some people!
So for sale, I still have the loveseat, kitchen table and 6 chairs and a great patio set (still need to take a photo).
Packing is going....slow. I need to get going on it but yesterday it felt like it was the last thing I wanted to do. I'm about 65% done, I'd say...I still have to pack small stuff, bedroom stuff, bathroom stuff and all the dishes I've kept out to use this week. Maybe I should get a few paper plates and bowls for the week, Hmmmm. I also need to go through allllll my older boxes with sentimental tokens and childhood memorabilia. Yikes! I need to get moving!
Next Tuesday (during the day) is my big moving day, so if any of you know of anyone I can get to come help my dad and I carry boxes or help carry my few pieces of furniture, please, please let me know! I'd even be willing to buy a pizza dinner/lunch to treat whoever can help me!

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FooFooBerry said...


I know moving is a big job but sounds like you are doing quite well if you have over half done. Just think how great it will be when you are in your new home.


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