January 30, 2007

Ack! Moving in ONE sleep!

Oh my oh my oh my!! So, yes I am moving tomorrow! Crazy! I can't wait to be in my new place but it seems to be taking forever to get everything packed and ready to go. But I'm almost there and I just have to keep thinking about how nice my new place is to keep me going. Can't wait!!

I also must say that usedvictoria.com is a Godsend!! I have sold quite a few things on that site and even got rid of a big old dresser today! However, there are a few little irks that bug me:
a) No shows. If you set up a time to come look at a piece of furniture or whatever...show up or call if you can't make it or no longer want it!!! Wow! I have had quite a few people waste my time by not showing up. Lame!!

b) Hagglers who don't know how to haggle....today some lady took the bus to come look at my table and chairs then she proceeds to try and talk me into delivering the stuff after I've already told her I can't, Then she gave me a 'poor me' story and tried to offer me almost nothing. I stuck to my guns and simply said, nope, I can let it go for this amount or I'll take it with me when I move tomorrow. Sheesh....know when and how to haggle properly. and

c) I guess I need to spell things out ex-act-ly on my ads that the piece of furniture is BIG and needs 2 people to come get it. Almost every thing I've sold, whether it was a bed and boxspring, heavy dressers or tables, everyone seems to come alone and obviously expects me to help them carry it out. I mean, I don't mind, I'm able to do it, but how did they figure I'd be able to? What if I had a cast on one leg or was in a wheelchair? People seems to assume a lot these days. So my tip: bring a friend with you to help. Yeah.
That's my rant and rave for now. I truly love that I was able to sell or give away some stuff! Yay for www.usedvictoria.com!!

PS - Anyone want a free fridge for their garage? I've got a great working one you can have!!

And I still have my kitchen table and 6 chairs if someone wants to purchase them for a good deal. Come on, haggle with me, I dare ya! :)

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FooFooBerry said...

I know I'm a little behind since you have moved and all but I'm catching up right now. This entry is a hoot with all your mishaps with used Victoria. I especially like it when you say you could be in a cast or a wheelchair. People do want a lot these days. We get hagglers at our market too and it drives me nuts as they would never do that in a store (or maybe they would).

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