August 9, 2010

Twins B & T

A few new photos of Bobby & Tommy.
They are growing up so fast!
Everytime I see them they are heavier, bigger, stronger and getting awesome little personalities all figured out. Bobby is crawling all over the place and Tommy has finally figured out he can fight back when Bobby takes a toy, in fact he's now the little instigator and they wrestle around a lot.
They both are little darlings and I miss them as soon as they are gone! It's so great that my sister can bring them over and stay a few days or a week sometimes. They already know me and crack their huge smiles when I come in.
They really like Willow, too.
Last week they laughed when she licked their ear and tried to reach out and pet/grab her fur.
I can't wait until I see them again! I love playing with them and cuddling and feeding them as much as I can when they are here.

Sitting on the backyard grass for the first time.