February 8, 2007

New Techno Toy

Well after 4 decent years of service, my old cell phone has finally been replaced by the new, the fancy and the ever-so-cool Nokia 6265i 'slider' cell phone! I researched and asked around and went to 2 different cellular stores and decided that this little beauty was to be mine. Honestly, I have never owned anything so sleek, so futuristic-looking....it even feels like the Matrix phones that slid open. It has a 2.0 MP camera and plays MP3s (with the extra memory card I purchased)
I looooove my new phone!


meghan said...

Oooh fabulous.

FooFooBerry said...

Your phone is really nice. I used to have a big clunky Nokia one as I was with that company for awhile and it finally stopped working over a year ago. Now I have a cute pink Barbie one through Virgin. Mine is basic though without all the frills as I don't use a cell phone that often, this Nokia one is very cool looking.

Filmowl said...

Just wait till the Iphone comes out in the summer.

FooFooBerry said...

Yeah I can't wait to see the new iphone, but it's too expensive for me right now.

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