February 13, 2007

Ikea treats! & Ocean walk

Last week my parents were both in Vancouver for a few days and I happened to mention that if they were planning on stopping by Ikea....I might want them to look at tall, slender bookcases....but only if they were planning on going, of course.
So on Saturday morning I received a call from my wonderful father who was pricing out bookcases for me. He ended up getting the perfect one!! It fits beside my fireplace and we kind of angled it to make it more accessible to get books out.
And books I have! A lot of books!

Here are empty and full photos of my new shelves:

Also, after my dad asked if there was anything else I wanted him to look at....I said, Hmmm, check out the small dressers, I could use a nice smaller one.
So he looked, and I measured and we priced out....and he ended up picking up this lovely 3 drawer dresser! I love it! It fits perfectly by my bed. He also picked up a pack of drawer organizers which really work well. I could use some more.

Here are photos, of course! (that's my new phone on the top!)

I also wanted to post this photo of a walk to the beach during the day.


shantala said...

YAY, some pretty shelves for you cute little place. And finally you can display your collection of books...or at least some of it tee hee

FooFooBerry said...


Nice furniture. Wow, you do have a lot of books. My sister was nagging me to get rid of more of mine and I don't even have that many.

I love love the dresser and the cute little organizers inside. Oh wow, that looks like a episode of "Mission Organization" there. So cool.

Filmowl said...

But have you read all of them? It's OK to say no, I haven't read all of mine.

Kirsten said...

Oh I'm sure my drawers will stay organized, at least for a little while....the chaos will one day overrun my domain, I'm sure.

And I HAVE read almost all of my books...I can honestly say there are about 8-10 I have not yet finished and about 3 or 4 I have not started yet. I have several favourite authors in the sci-fi genre and have read 99% of their works. (PS - Anne McCaffery rocks and Elizabeth Moon is close behind!!)

PPS - anyone else think it's funny I said I have 'organized drawers'...ha! Maybe it's just me!

Rachel H. said...

Hi Kirsten, Love your dresser....and the organizers inside. I love anything that helps with organization. By nature, I don't think I'm very organized so it helps to have 'assistance' in that area!

Rachel H. said...
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Elise said...

I love your ocean and Sophie pics!! I think we should make an ocean walk date and meet in the middle!!

Louise said...

IKEA is always fun - we NEED one in Saskatchewan though! I have to go to Calgary or Edmonton so that sucks! I have the drawer organizers too - they work great for socks & undies :)

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