November 26, 2006

Household Battlefield and a Winter Wonderland

Well the battle is over (I hope!) and for now, at least, it seems as though I have won. No, this battle was not fough on foreign soil, nor in te air nor in a courtroom.....mostly in my kitchen and living room!!!

I have know for a while that the odd stray rodent of slightly larger than mousish size would wander into the basement of my old house, perhaps setting up camp for a while. This past spring I caught one in a trap and three weeks ago another sprung the trap and was caught red-handed. No worries, or so I thought. I went to the basement to reset the trap and lo and behold, there was a brazen critter sitting right beside the trap...not in it, not caught, just sitting there, looking at me with its' wee beady eyes! I took up a near broom and tried to whack at it but it scampered away at a speed more than I'd expected. I chased it some more until it ran up the wall, above my head, onto some pipes, gave me an impertinent cheep then disappeared into the ceiling...the floor under my bathroom and bedroom!!!! AHHHHH!!!

Well, this definetly meant WAR!!

The traps were set, with what I hoped was a too-tempting amount of peanut butter, and I waited to hear the chink of the metal snapping the rodent's neck!!

But Ooooh nooo, the furry intruder was not content to snack on the deadly bait....he ventured up stairs to clatter around on my counters, looking for better fare, and proceeded to run amuck all through the UPSTAIRS of my house....while I was still home!! Sitting in my chair!!!! Oh and this rat wasn't the typical sneak around type, hugging the walls, wary of light and me and my dog, no, he was bold, brazen and a BRAT!!!

Well, THAT was IT!!
I armed myself with a hammer in one hand, my old metal music stand in the other (shoes on of course) and sat in wait for the next time he decided to scamper arounf in MY HOUSE!!!

I didn't have to wait long. He soon bolted around the corner of my kitchen, skidding all the way, hindquarters swinging, as I chased him with my tool of death.

I figured out he was using the air ducts to escape from me so I covered all the outakes, closed all the vents and again chased him willy-nilly all over. The quick little beggar kept getting away and after a good long chase to and from furniture, he darted into my bedrom under my cedar chest at the foot of my bed!! Ew! Ick! Get Out!!!

I sent Sophie, my dog in after it. She was finally getting into the hunt and nsed her snout as far under the chest as she could barking and scratching after it. I stayed, poised, in the hallyway, music stand at the ready to club it as it came out (which I swore it would, and I wouldn't go back in there until I saw it leave!!! I mean, gross, my bedroom!!)

Finally Sophie's aggression must have freaked it a little, and it shot out of the room right towards me and directly between my feet!!! I tried to swing at it and get both feet off the floor at once, so of course, I didn't get a good shot. And wouldn't you know, the dirty rotter stopped, turned and looked at me over its' grey shoulder then took off into the living room!! As if to say, "Nya-nya, come get me!"

Needless to go on, I chased, and swung, a yelled and I stomped, but that rat was just too quick for me. It drove Sophie nuts, too, after it holed up under my entertainment unit in too small a space for us to get it out. Two nights of constant chasing to no avail, and it was finally time to bring in the big guns.

My dad took Sophie over their house and set up two more traps and some (hopefully) tempting poison bait all over.

The next day the trap right next to my dog's food dish barely caught the bastard!!! But he was caught and dead...finally!

Sophie and I stayed over a few more nights at my parents house and honestly it was like a mini-vacation! I even have my birthday while there and was treated like a queen! Sophie and I hated to leave but we went home, cleaned up and hoped no more invaders would try to make our house their home.

We did catch once more, "teenaged rat", as my dad called it, in a basement trap a day after we got home. Man! Hopefully word will spread throughout the rodent community that the little white house with the scruffy black dog isn't a winter resort, but an abbatoir for critter-sized creatures. This Christmas...there is NO room at THIS Inn!!!

And WINTER it now IS!!!
Today during sunday morning church we got a dump of snow. It's still falling this evening and I LOVE IT!!

I'll take some photos if it stays tomorrow and post them. It is soooo pretty out! Everything is bright. Everything glows. Everything looks sugar-coated, so soft and delicate covered with the white lace of snowflakes.

Did I mention I love snow!!! Ahhhh! I even drove several times in it today. I'm not afraid to, but I am afraid of Victoria drivers who don't have a clue what to do in winter snowy conditions. Most people are okay and give lots of room, but those losers who own a truck or an SUV think they can barrel through, so close to everyone and freak me out! If one of us hit a slippery patch, boom! We'd collide!! Slow down, be cautious and respect smaller vehicles around. If I am driving carefully I am not trying to slow you down, I'm only trying to avoid an accident on the slippery roads. There, I've said my peace.

Now let's all enjoy that white winter wonderland while we still have it!!!


FooFooBerry said...

Sounds like you have had quite the time with the little critter. I'm planning on putting snow pictures up on my blog also just haven't gotten to it yet. Love the look of your new blog.

Some Random Mechanic said...

HA HA "Stupid Little Cars" Unite

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