April 27, 2007

Favourite Things...

I had a moment and wanted to have a look at some different areas of my favourite things:

Favourite Entertainment ~ Lately I have been adding to my DVD collection with the seasons of "Friends". I simply love this TV show. In my late teens years I grew up with the pals from Friends and now I enjoy reliving all their escapades (not the IceCapades...or any other 'Capade') in my own living room. I am up to Season 6 and will slowly add the rest when I can. "I'll be there for you...."

Another or my favourite things was recently utterly destroyed and I am just sick over it! My brand new cell phone, the newest one in over 3 years for me, my Nokia, has passed on from this life to the cell phone heaven somewhere over the Pacific...*sniff*
No, I did not lose it at sea, but I might as well have. I looked for it last week only to find my dear new phone, with whom I had many adventures, walks and photo shoots, had taken its' last adventure of a thrill ride in the washing machine. Get that? It went through a full laundry wash cycle, soap and everything.
I almost threw up.

And so, after the disappointing news from my local cell phone retailer that yes, indeed my phone would no longer brighten my day with it's huge screen and catchy rings, I reactivated my old phone (bleh) and settled into my long contract with the bleak outlook of no new phone for another 3 years...*sniff*
A favourite thing gone...forever.....

A future favourite thing I have been dreaming about for a loooong time is to purchase a beautiful sectional sofa! I am always searching for one, checking colours, styles, fabrics, looking from afar. I think one would fit in my new little home, I'm willing to try if I ever found a reasonably priced sectional.

Here are a few practical ones and some really cool ones:

I'd like to find one like these first three, in a blue or green...some medium-dark colour and in an 'L' shape.

I love this brown and tan one, but you'd have to have a big open space for it.



Louise said...

I feel your cell-phone pain! We had our camera waterlogged at SeaWorld, after only having it for four months - a brand new Canon digital. I was ILL over the whole thing, especially since it was day three of a three week holiday... bought a new one! So maddening eh?! AS for the sectional... my advice is to get something neutral-ish. My MIL have a beau-tee-full teal green one and lets just say it isn't always in style! Have fun dreaming - might be a reality someday!

Elise said...

oh! I vote for the first blue one...maybe in a more neutral color...but I like the design of it the best!

Anonymous said...

Where's the cell phone now? Put it in a dry box somewhere dark and dry - keep checking it every once in a while. My cell went for a nice bath a while ago - so I left it out in the sun for a few hours every day, then gave it a little bake in an oven that was off but a little warm -and it came back to life!! Someone else I know dropped theirs in the toilet - threw it in a box in his cupboard and 6 months later turned it on and it worked - so don't give up!! All is not lost!! The Waffle Sisters:)

shantala said...

I like the brown and tan one too! I do think it could work in your little space... you would just need it to be opposite to what it is now.. So that when you first walk in there is the round bit and then the "L" shape. One day my friend one day!

Filmowl said...

Lobot likes the last couch. Lobot thinks that would be very comfy. Lobot out.

FooFooBerry said...


I too was a huge fan of "Friends" and think I have seen every episode. Think that is how I became of fan of Jennifer Aniston.

Those sectionals are really neat but look expensive. Sorry about your camera and I do hope it can be fixed or will work at some point if it's dried for a couple of months.

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