September 26, 2009

Project Running

Over a month ago I had a wonderful friend come to town and she took me out for a lovely run....yeah...lovely. Needless to say, she kicked my butt and got me motivated to keep the running going.

So here we have "Project Running" in full swing with only a couple hiccups and misses along the way so far.

I have been trying to run three times a week; Monday on my day off, Wednesday after work and Saturday. I run from my house along the water front and stop at halfway to cool down a bit and do some exercises like push-ups and triceps dips along a low wall. On the way back the last bit is an uphill slope and we ran up it the first day so I have not stopped that routine and pushed to run up it every time since. I have also added another uphill spot when I first start on my way back and have continued that habit as well.

Since the beginning, I have been posting some brief notes about my experiences on my facebook status. This is not at all to brag, for I know there are other people doing much better workouts than myself, but it is to keep me motivated and not in hiding. So, for example, if I were to stop running, people might notice whereas if I hadn't told anyone I could stop and no one would be the wiser. This keeps me getting up and getting my butt out the door. I need motivation, I need those few encouraging words now and then to keep me in the right frame of mind to think I can do this.

I was totally shocked at what a mental struggle this project was for myself the very first time my friend took me out. I was exhausted, in pain and finding it hard to breath, wanting to give up, stop, or give in, but after my dear, dear friend cheered me on and kept me going, after that first time of actually conquering that simple, short run, I knew I actually could do it! What a war waged in my head to get there, though!! That same war is fought every single time my run day rolls around and I try to convince myself I can't do it, I won't go, I'm too tired, I don't need to....But, the better part of me keeps winning the war and I get changed, lace up new new running shoes and head out to another gorgeous day and a great time outdoors.

Another note of interest, I began running with my friend to talk to but since then on my own I have been using my iPod and listening to some audiobooks. They may not be great upbeat, fun pumping music to run to, but I find they keep me interested and distract my mind long enough to get through each run. I finished the New Moon audio book a few weeks ago and I am now on to Eclipse. I only listen to them while running so it gives me another weapon in my mental war to keep me going and looking forward to continuing the story.

For interest sake on how I have been doing in this monumental project, below are my updates from facebook so you and I can see how far I've come. Enjoy.

August 22, 2009
Project Running - after Day 1 - Kirsten Blackstock is a workout/ running/ walking machine!!!! ...okay, so it's a new machine with a lot of parts that are now aching, but this machine feels good!!! And who knew this machine could run UPhill?!?

Project Running - Day 2: Didn't push quite as hard since I am still in pain from Saturday, but I still did a good 50 min hard walk with 5 mins of running, one being UPhill again! This time my R shin and L calf feel slaughtered! But a little ice should calm them down.

Project Running: Day Three - not as bad as before, but still some pain and breathless moments. I took a stopwatch, timed my minutes and am mentally getting better each time! AND I still ran UP that hill on the last stretch!!

Project Running: Day 4 - Felt good before, recovered better from last day, hard work, L calf still going numb, need new shoes, pushed harder, did more arm/leg exercises halfway, enjoying Eclipse audiobook, and still ran UPhill at the end!! PS - running in noon-hour heat = bad idea!

Project Running: Week 2, Day 2 - really did not want to go today...but forced myself out. same routine, felt better half way, did more stretches and exercises, L calf still painful/numb but not as bad. still need new shoes! ran UPhill at end again! Phewph!

Project Running - End of Week 2, Day 3: again hard to get out there but I did, lovely evening, seeing a running club challeneged me to push harder, way more exercises halfway, saw a seal eating a huge fish, much better recovery half way & after..., again ran UPhill at the end (t'was torture!) but I feel good now!!

Project Running - Week 3 Day 1: easier to get going once I got outside, pretty morning with clouds rolling in and waves crashing, managed one more running set than usual, quicker stop halfway, last UPhill run was difficult but I feel good now! Off to buy some new shoes!! Yay!

Project Running...Week 3 Day 2 (missed a couple days): Tried out new shoes!! Asics, very comfy, great support, although different msucle groups really felt it today. Gorgeous outside, saw a cute little brown ermine along the shore, swimming and diving, too!

Project Running, Week 4: good run, better time, less of a cool down break in the middle, new shoes are great! Ran UPhill twice!!

Project Running, Week 4, Day 2: great run, faster time, less of a break in the middle, new shoes are great, I can really feel how they are keeping my feet cooler and more supported! Ran UPhill twice again!

Project Running, Week 4, Day 3: Pushed myself a little more today, 1 min run, 2 min fast walk - no exceptions! Gorgeous evening! I love living by the ocean!! Ran UPhill twice again!

Project Running: Week 5 Day 1 - Awesome beautiful day!! Good Run, pushed myself with less walking intervals in between runs and a bit longer run times, I still can't believe the mental struggle I have to actually get out there, but I did it again, ran uphill twice again, loooove my new shoes!!

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