June 27, 2014

Did you know. . . About me?

Did you know....

Here are a few little facts about me and my life.

  1. I now own and use "theretherekitten.com" as my main domain/web address/website?? I finally decided my blog name was never going to change after having it as There There Kitten for so many years already. So my domain is locked in and hopefully unique enough to remember.
  2. My first post was in September of 2006, "Growing Up & Sow's Ears", that's 8 years of blogging! Wow! I started on Blogger before they even had the ability to upload photos! What? Crazy!
  3. This coming September is my 10 year Anniversary at my current job! That's the longest I've ever been committed to something...other than school, because I had no other choice. :) I love my job, my co-workers, my bosses and what I get to do every week! God has carved out this unique little niche for me in the world and I am beginning to really appreciate it every day.
  4. I love board games & card games! (See #15 here) I grew up playing Uno, Skip-Bo, Snakes & Ladders, Go-Fish, War, Trouble, Sorry, Monopoly, Don't Break the Ice, Clue, Mastermind, Connect Four, Phase 10, Pictionary, Dutch Blitz, Racko, Tile Rummy, Scrabble, & Battleship. I've recently added to my game repertoire with awesome games like Ticket to Ride, Anomia, Settlers of Catan, Wits & Wagers, HEADS UP, Up a Bit Down a Bit, Upwords, Dixit, and more. If you ever want to see my face light up like Butchart Gardens at Christmas, just invite me over for a games night!!
  5. I once caught a garter snake and held my Mom ransom until she agreed to get me a dog. The standoff didn't last long and we compromised and I got a brand new budgie bird instead. Yes, I was a mischievous child, a trait that creeps up now and again as a adult. 
And there you have it, 5 new-ish facts about me that you may have already known or now you know. And yes, my friends, "knowing is half the battle"!  <--Points if you can tell me the origin of that quote.

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