November 4, 2016

Five Minute Friday - Journey

La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas, 2009

I was chatting at lunch today with a few co-workers about our experiences on some amazing roller coasters at some of the best amusement parks across North America.

It's all about the ride.

We don't talk much about that short moment after, as the safety bar raises and you exit the car. That breath of relief, the plans for the next ride, the next activity.

We like to tell our story of the ride.

It's all about that journey, that ride, those ups and downs, every bone-shaking curve. It's all about the moments of anticipation as you clicky-clack up the hill and then the pause before the stomach-flopping decent. All the moments, thrilling or still.

Life should be that way, too.

Sure, we set goals or make plans, but make sure you don't miss the rest of life's journey.

It's all about the little things—the picnics along the way, the stops and starts, and restarts.

Life is about noticing the sunrises and sunsets.
Enjoying the feeling of sand between your toes.
The way your child or nephew or neighbourhood kid throws back their head to laugh.

It's about hugging a friend when they are down, having tea with your mother or grandmother, and taking a walk beside the sea on a windy day.

Life is a journey.

Don't forget that.

Stop for a moment, look around and enjoy it. 

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Nichole said...

I loved this! Have y'all been to Cedar Point? I'm from Ohio and we used to go there every year. Best roller coasters EVER!

Barbara Deatherage said...

I like the idea of comparing life to the amusement park trip - thanks for sharing. Joining you from FMF #78

Eugene Uttley said...

Nicely written. I like how you work from truth (you like rollercoasters) to truth (life is about the journey). Not only do I agree, I enjoy!

Kirsten B. said...

Thanks for the comments! No, Nichole, I've never been to Cedar Point. I'll add it to my amusement park wish-list!

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