September 23, 2006

Saturday outdoors exporation

SO today started with the blahs, and if you don't know what that means, just think of your most boring day and compound that with the fact that none of your friends are around, no family, your pets are mellow, your house is projects to do nothing interesting on the horizon....that, my friend is "the blahs".
Anyway, my day began with a dismal case of the blahs but finally I decided to pull myself out of the malaise and DO something. So I hopped into my car, grabbed Sophie, my dog, and took off for drive. (Sophie quickly turned from sleepy to utterly ecstatic at the mention of walk and car ride!) Our journey took us to Dallas Road where we had a lovely walk in the sunlit evening. We met other dogs and their people, sniffed noses and butts (Sophie, of course), and generally enjoyed the fresh air. After about an hour we got back in the car and drove. We drove, and drove and drove some more. Along the scenic roads, looked at the expensive neighborhoods, and even started driving through the farming communities on the Peninsula. Our drive ended at a place I hadn't been since September of grade 11 - Island View Beach. Wow! What a lovely place to walk along the shore and enjoy a sunset over Mt. Baker in the distance! Simply gorgeous! Sophie and took a quick walk along the grass then, as darkness was setting in, got back to the car and headed home.
Now I'm off to watch some movies with a friend who called along our drive.
So, the moral of this story is: Lazy, malaisey days can turn out lovely if you just get off your duff and DO something.


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