September 25, 2006

Sunny Monday

Ahhhh, I love my days off! Monday being the nicest of them all!
The busyness of Sunday is over, I can sleep in and enjoy my day.
However, after my slightly unsuccessful and boring Saturday, I figured it was best to get up and get moving...after I slept in a bit of course.
So I check some e-mail, watched the latest episode of the lonelygirl15 saga on Youtube (highly entertaining), watched last night's Family Guy that I downloaded, downed a quick strawberry and yoghurt smoothy and finally headed off to my 30-minute workout at Curves. Yay me! I got out of the house! I hadn't been to Curves since July so I was a bit rusty but I remembered how to use all the machines and got my weight and measurements taken again. I wasn't drastically different from my last visit in July (Phewph!) and I'd even improved a bit. I then came home and mowed my lawn to get rid of all the yellow weeds that have been sprouting up, that was a workout in itself!
In case I haven't said anything in any previous posts, I've decided to change my life. No, I didn't join some weird cult or decided to pursure an alternate lifestyle, no way....I just decided that I am not happy about the way I look and feel, so I'd better do something about it. I'm not on a "diet", not at all. I'm simply and radically changing the way I eat and enjoy food. It's not like I hate vegetables or fruit or anything healthy, in fact, I really love fresh foods that are healthy for me. It's just that I enjoy everything too much! And once I got into the habit of enjoying delicious foods that were not so good for my already unhealthy body, I didn't choose healthy foods, I made poor choices. I mean, if a person doesn't mind extra weight and doesn't care that they can't go hiking with friends then honestly, good for you, great! Enjoy life and enjoy the no-so-healthy foods! I was just at a point where I wanted to be able to keep up if I ever went hiking and I want to feel better about the way I look. So my choice came easy: change the way your eat and exercise! I still eat well and I'm really loving all the yummy foods I'm picking out, I just have to consciously make the effort to choose foods that will help me have energy, help me trim down and help me become more healthy.
And going back to Curves was an important step today. I joined with my mom sevferal months ago, but after her back got worse she couldn't go any longer, so it was just me on my own, which is a lot harder to do. I just didn't seem to make the time anymore, even though my schedule was the same. So now I'm going back and I'm going to try and go 3 times a week to get my Curve buck so I can work towards buying a shirt I saw in Curves today. (You get 1 Curve buck for every week you go 3 times. And the shirts they have range from $25-30 Curve bucks.)
Anyway, I've had a lovely shower, threw in some laundry and now I'm headed voer to my parents house to have dinner.
Buh-bye for now!

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