May 8, 2007

The baby is breathtaking!! For Real!!

Yay! Baby Hunter Justin MacDonald has finally been born!
I went to the hospital to visit T, J and little H and got to hold Hunter for a while. He is THE cutest baby ever! Honestly! So good and cuddly and sweet!
And Tricia looks marvelous and glowing and Justin looked proud and calm.
I fell blessed to have such dear friends who have brought such a dear little boy into the world! I know he will be loved and cared for by his wonderful new parents! Congratulations!


FooFooBerry said...


Glad you posted the pictures as I had heard about the arrival of the wee lamb. Tricia does look great, what a sweet child.

Louise said...

No you didn't miss an announcement... Miles' family only found out last week, so had to keep it hush-hush until then! I'm due October 12th. I sneaked in an additional line to my profile on the left but unless you are looking for it...

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