September 16, 2007

Foggy Dayz - for those of you not on facebook...

I love summer for the hot days, the sunshine, the beach trips, the suntans and the sandal weather. But I must say, I love the Fall and Autumn season! Evenings cool with crisp air off the ocean, days with sun but clouds or fog rolling in, I love it all! I love the sweater season, wearing warm vests or hoodies and bundling up for walks. I love a mug of hot tea and a cozy quilt while watching a movie and my little dog Sophie cuddling up all snug.
I am happy to say...Fall is Here!!
Lately we've had quite a few foggy days and evenings, and here are a few cool foggy photos I took. Sophie and I down on Gonzales Bay, then Sophie, Shantala and I along the Ross Bay area.

Shantala taking some neat shots of the fog and ocean.

Sophie just would not stay still for a second for me to get a shot of her on the rocks with the fog.

Although this last Sophie photo is kinda cool.

This one of me is dark but I really like it!

Where's Shantala? Can you spot her?

Sophie spots her, and is watching her clambour over the rocks...

I felt like a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean would come sneaking out of the fog any second!

The water was so smooth and silky, like blown glass or rippling satin.

Ross Bay - so foggy we couldn't see the other side where Clover Point is. Crazy!

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shantala said...

oooOOOooooOOOoo how spooky that fog was! It was cool how the sun peeked through enough on some of the pics to make weird shadows. I love your pics! keep it up kirsten!

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