December 22, 2009

Tommy and Bobby Mueller

For those of you not on facebook, here is an album of our dear little ones,
Tommy & Bobby - my new twin nephews!!!

Angie and Tom were over visiting in Victoria and just packing up their things to leave when her water broke on Sunday, November 15th, 2009.

My parents and Tom took her to the hospital and after a c-section, the boys arrived shortly after 6:30 pm!!!

Tommy 4.1 lbs

Bobby - 5.12 lbs

Grandma and Bobby

Angie and Bobby

The Delivery care was excellent, but unfortunately someone higher up decided that they did not belong in Victoria and arranged to fly them over the next day after we all begged for them to stay. So on one of the stormiest nights this winter, Tom, Angie and the yet to be 24 hours old premies were shuttled by helicopter over to the Burnaby hospital.

Luckily, the babies were both healthy and doing well, aside from needing some tube feeding to get their weight and strength up. And Angie was an absolute trooper and despite the rigamarole of being shoved from one hospital to another, she did really well and was feeling healthy after her surgery.

The boys, Thomas Cole and Robert Michael, spent 2 weeks in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to be observed and supervised with their feeding and health, but did remarkably well!

My parents visited a few times watching them through the glass doors, then later allowed to hold and feed the little guys in a family room.

I had already arranged a few days off to go visit around their original due date, Dec. 1st, so I was with Angie when she got to bring them home!!

Grandma and the Boys

The Boys are coming home!!!

Tommy pushing Bobby..."This is my side of the crib!"

Angie feeding Bobby

All swaddled like little burritos!

I then had a crash course in feeding, burping, rocking, swaddling, and cuddling newborn babies! Exhausting but so wonderful, precious and worth every second of tiredness!! I treasure those few days I spent with them!!


Tiny Tommy

Bobby the Burrito Man

Auntie KirKir and cuddly Bobby

Tommy all decked out to go shopping.

Me and my buds!!

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