October 11, 2006

My Life on TV

So I was home last night, watching some shows I downloaded (What About Brian, Gilmore Girls) and I was thinking...and maybe it was the painkillers for my toothache talking but I was thinking, what would my life be like if it were a TV show?

Would it be a comedy sitcom, like a family show? Or would it be a drama or documentary style? I know it probably wouldn't be an action/suspense type show! But really, what would it be like?

I know I would probably be one of those quirky, funny character who has a lot more 'character' and 'personality' than good looks. I'd have to be TV ugly, which actually means cute, fun, perky with a dash of just-above-average looks. I think my show would be part "The Office" with some antics from working in a church office, as well as part "Friends" as I get together with my two separate groups - the Marrieds and the Younger Singles. So in a way it's like "What About Brian" since I am one of the single people left in my age group of friends, but it's also like I'm a bossy, loves to be in-charge Monica from Friends, um, minus the obsessive cleaning, though.

I know I'd have some cool music throughout the show - as background music, a funky theme song - not cheesy like from 80's family sitcoms ("Show me that smile again..."), and as serious moments arise...U2 ballads play as I watch the rain fall outside my window...that type of thing. As I've already said I really like songs by Death Cab for Cutie, but I'd have to add Snow Patrol to the list of show songs, as well as songs from Great Big Sea (slow and fast), OH and a montage! Everyoe loves a Montage...time seems to fly during a Montage!!!

Hmmm, so I've covered character type, settings, music....swhat's left...Oh plot! Sheesh, what the heck could the plot/premise be?

It could be a Seinfeld-like show where it is actually about nothing. Day to day living, usual experiences...butlers and Jr. mints, you know....Well maybe not. Maybe there is a bit of a life-quest going on, me trying to figure out what I should do with my life, even though I've got a good job etc....Maybe a dash of my lack of love life tossed in for fun - good old drama section of me flirting but getting nowhere, interested but just friends, liking men I can't have, the usual....Hmmm, yes that can be the drama side of things, well with a bit of comedy, like jokes about how very few dates I've been on...very few....and jokes about how friends seem to come to me for advice and I really don't have the full prespective to give, but they keep coming anyway....doesn't seem that funny now that I write it...Ah well. We can make it funny.

Ooo, and epiphany! An Unscripted Reality TV Show where cameras follow me around like on The Office, but the main reason is to document me trying to find Mr Right. Not at all like The Bachelorette or even those annoying Dating shows, just me and the people in my life and any new men that appear....Maybe even a foray into internet dating and having cameras film that whole realm of experience. Hmm, maybe not.

What else, what else....I'd have to have quirky and odd advertisment placements for products like say used car dealerships (Find yerself a used car that'll last for a while!) or a local pizza place (Not the best but pretty darn decent!) or pet/Aquarium stores since I have a lot of fish tanks etc etc. Not the usual products. Even my Diet Coke cans would have to be blurred or covered with flaming orange construction paper wheile on film. Heh, sure.

Now, I'd need a name for my show: something catchy, but not annoying or too heavy on the puns....and it would all depend on the direction the show would goin...something like..."In the Middle of Somewhere" or "Almost There" or "Kirsten on Camera" or "My Life" or "Moments of Me"...yech! I'm not sure I like any!

Hmmmm, do YOU have any ideas? Let me know what you think.
What would my life as a TV show look like?

~ K

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FooFooBerry said...

I really liked your thinking process here and believe me I can relate to it for sure. Just read this post today although it did look enticing earlier. I've yet to see "The Office" but I keep hearing about this show.


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