October 23, 2006

Magicians and Meetings

An eventful weekend is finally over. And no, I haven't made a mistake, my weekends include Mondays since that is one of my days off. After my venture into advertising my roommate situation on Craigslist, I had a whopping 12 e-mails and phone calls within a week. Sheesh! Most of which were male or weird, so I had to e-mail them back saying that unfortunately I don't think it would work out. Out of the female and no-so-weird messages several never got back to me and one sounded promising but she failed to contact me when she came to town on the weekend. I even had one planned for meeting who was a no-show. Maddening! I cleaned, tidied and the eediot could not even call? La-Who-za-Her!!!

Anyway, my glorious friend Meg and I had a wonderful time catching her up on as much Grey's Anatomy as we could. Wow, I never knew I could do a TV marathon like we did!

Then off to the movies on Saturday night. Some gals chose to see Marie Antoinette, which they said wasn't so good. And M and I decided to see "The Prestige".

My comment for that movie...it's just "eh" (picture me shrugging my shoulders and only half smiling). For one thing the theatre was pretty packed and we had to sit right at the back next to some unruly teens who kept punching not only themselves but my arm once in a while by accident.

And for the whole first third of the film I had to strain to hear since it seemed the volume was turned down too low. I guess my ears and listening centre of my brain adjusted and after some confusing beginnings with the plot moving back and forth through time I finally settled into the tricksey and only slightly surprising story of two magicians trying to out-do one another.

The actors were excellent. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale played the magicians and Michael Caine played the gadget-inventor/mentor. Scarlett Johansson played the role of the pretty assistant who betrays back and forth between the two tricksters. The plot was interesting but the twists were a flop in my book. I spotted some of the fakery a mile off, well really about half-way through, and when the final surprise was revealed I wasn't at all shocked. Ah well, it was good old entertainment through and through.

After our movies, all the girls went out to Fifth Street Grill and I enjoyed THE BEST wings ever! Mmm, maple garlic! I love that place and am confused as to why I don't go there more often.

So today, on my final day off for the week I lazed about, clean a little , did some needed laundry and mostly watched some episodes of Carnivale. Wow! What a messed-up show that is! I am so hooked! Funny thing is, this show, too, surrounds two magicians who will eventually meet and dual. However these characters are supposed to have actual supernatural powers, one for good, one for bad and we don't know quiet yet which is which. One is a failing priest, the other and 18-year old boy who hooks up with and has some connection to a Carnivale/Freak Show. Quite intriguing.

So, a good weekend but no roommate yet. If you have someone in mind let me know. I'd love to be able to get that DivX player SRM keeps bugging me about. Later.


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FooFooBerry said...

Hey Kirsten,

Sounds like you had a lovely week-end indeed. Sorry to hear about the roommate situation. C says she mentioned someone to you the last time you two met.

As for the DivX player they have one at Wal-Mart for like $39.00 but I forget the brand. I'm too busy catching up on old shows I have on tape. Still haven't seen "Heroes" yet or any Battlestars although they are burned to disc. So happy I figured out how to burn a disc and how to burn files on my computer onto disc. It took me a long time to figure out but exciting when I finally did. I've never gotten around to buying a book and so I use the help guide on my computer and online but sometimes you have no idea what to ask or how to phrase it.

Yep we will be at the market this Saturday 10-12noon but you can always tell me what you want if you see something online and I can bring it to you. We are planning to be at church this Sunday morning but not sure what service. Probably the early one.

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