October 20, 2006

Rejection, RSS and Roommates.

So, I am currently in the market for a new roommate. No, there isn't a store where I can puruse the aisles and pick our the freshest, most juicy personality to share my home and my life with. There is no Roommate Market where they are locally grown and picked daily. However, there is such a thing as web shopping for a roommate. It is called online ads and e-mailing.
I recently placed an ad on craigslist seeking a roommate to share my place. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love living on my own, in fact, I prefer it, but the bills and rent of my little home are getting the better of me and I find I have little to no spending money and no chance in heck of any type of savings. I don't mind having a roommate, but from past experiences I think I know what I can handle and what I don't want to even try tackling. I'm meeting with a few people this weekend to chat and see what they are like. I know I'll have to have some house rules to go over right away so nothing is a surprise later on. Right away I received about 10 e-mails and a couple phone calls. Several look promising, but I hadto e-mail backa couple saying I don't think we'd be a good roommate "fit" (some were guys, one a 52 year old man, and one mom looking for a home for her 17 year old! No way Jose!). I hope they don't take it too hard. i know rejection if difficult to take, but in the rental/roommate market, you have to expect to search for a while before finding the right place or person.
A little update on things in Kirsten World, my RSS feed for downloading TV shows seems to be crashing an awful lot lately. And not only crashing but not half working - it says it has downloaded a show in the history but the show has not downloaded. Arg! Being a pirate is such frustrating work sometimes.
Oh one last thing, I send out an evite to a bunch of friends inviting them to a killer costume party. I'm pretty stoked and excited. My party last year went really well and I think everyone had fun. I've been looking up costume ideas for myself and I have a few possibilites but I can't decide! Maybe I'll post a few later and see what you guys think.

~ K


Some Random Mechanic said...

Yes the current lack of an RSS feed also weighs heavy on me, but remember with a roomate you can buy a DIVx player. hazaa

FooFooBerry said...


You will be in my thoughts and prayers for a new roommate. I didn't even know you could go online for one. That is wild.

Yes, we too have some ideas as well for the party.

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