December 7, 2006

Banquets and Boxes.

Well, the Saturday Night Live banquet was a smashing success! Lots of really funny skits, great food, lots of people, wonderful decorations...all in all a rockin evening. I did enjoy it, though I was a tad busy running around, figuring out video techie stuff....but it all worked out and I think everyone enjoyed the video clips.

Moving - yes, I have to move...AGAIN! I got the call last Sunday that my landlord is selling the house I rent so as of February I need to be living elsewhere. Arg! Ack! Ick!
So...does anyone know where I can live? Can I live with you? Please!?
I've been looking but it so difficult to find a place that allows pets (I have my small dog still...she's 12 and as much as I love her, I don't think she'll ever kick the bucket!). I've found a few we'll see what turns up.
I dislike moving! Packing, cleaning, boxes and moving! Bleh!

I will need to sell a bunch of stuff....Hey would you like to purchase:
2 double beds
- a blue recliner (older but comfy and clean)
- a green faux leather rocker and rocking ottoman (modern and great!)
- a loveseat with a single hideabed (older but great!)
- a light brown couch with double hideabed (soft veloury feel)
- 2 dressers (1 tall and 1 long - blue and purple, but just ready for you to paint to taste)

I'll post photos later tonight.

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FooFooBerry said...

Don't you hate when people don't leave comments on your blog entries. You wonder if anyone is reading what you write. So let me be the first one here.

Sorry to hear about your move. I will pray that you find a great place for you and your dog. The phone call you got must have been unsettling. At least you have some time to get organized somewhat.


:) FooFoo

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