March 20, 2007

Spring Blossoms

Sophie loves running and running on the beach.....

and Oh look, it is springtime once again!
Flowers are blooming and sprouts are sprouting!

The air smells sweet and the birds seem to know that we need to hear their melodic twitters.

But wait!
What is this??
Is it snow? Or hail? No, it can't be......

Sophie investigates further, looking up...she sees that it's...
Cherry tree blossoms!! WOW!! So beautiful and lining almost every street!
Don't you just love spring??

(Sorry to all my friends and relatives in the snowy prairies....I couldn't resist! If it's any consolation, I wish you could be here to enjoy the flowers with us.)


FooFooBerry said...

Nice shots especially the cherry blossoms one. You must be simply loving your new home with the beach so close.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm a little sad that you haven't updated your blog. ha ha. I get so excited to check if theres something new...and then there isn't.
Oh well. I do really like your blossoms...I mean your spring blossoms...the blossoms you so passionately speak your blog.

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