March 15, 2007

Mini Vacation

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to fill you in on my fab mini-holiday to the lovely township of Langley! Yes, that's right good ole Langley.
Ok, so the draw isn't Langley itself, but more the companionship of my wonderful sister and her newish husband. They let me come over for a few days to rest and hang out and shop!! Fun! My sister had some time off so we caught up and shopped up. I ended up with a few cool purchases of clothing, we both got a really neat retro wooden frame that holds several photos, a few books (yay, brand new books from my favourite author!), a couple movies and wouldn't you believe! Yes, I said fish. I went to my all time favourite aquarium store, Big Al's in Burnaby and walked back over on the ferry with a backpack full of fishy friends. Once they are all settled. I will take a photo or two. I got some really cool schooling fish that were way less expensive then what we can get here in Vic.

We also saw the movie "300"
Wow! What a decadent visual concoction of art, cinematography and CG effects!

True, I agree with what other critics have stated, that there isn't much in the way of surprises in regards to the plot, but the comic book style and browned, vintage-like colouring totally elevates this film from a simple slashing battle movie to an artistic and keenly thought-out story that stimulates and awes the viewer. For me, it was like unraveling some old parchment to read a story that came alive into epic characters and sweeping mythic vistas. What I also found incredible and worth remembering and replaying was the fantastic skill and drive of the Spartan soldiers, as well as the immensity and elaborateness of Xerxes and his army of "Immortal" slaves. Oh! Also the scene of the Oracle is amazing! The photography and effects, though eerie and unsettling, are very out of this world!

A few interesting points - and if you don't want to read this to spoil a few things....don't read on.

- All though the Spartans managed to fight and kill almost every enemy before them....they never seemed to have any blood on their mostly naked bodies.....Hmmmm, perhaps a magic, blood-repellent oil they glisten up with?
- The Queen should have known Theron, the would not quite live up to their bargain...."He said vs. She said" in the Greek parliament......I think the He's have it. (although I am glad she ended his part in the treachery!)
- Get a new wig master - some are just sooo bad.

My 2 cents!

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