January 7, 2008

A look back....

As you can see, my blog has a new look for 2008....and it is a look back over my year of 2007.
I've had Camping trips, road trips, family trips, youth conventiuons, youth camp, weekends, walks, dinners, BBqs, and Galas.

I've spent time with family far and wide, friends closer and new, my lovey-dove Sophie and on my own.
My face has smiled, laughed, cried, sported swirls and sparkles, stickers, gazed in wonder, grimaced, flinched, squeezed eyes shut, frowned and relaxed.
I've heard new music, watched new movies, tried new foods, travelled across two provinces and up island, played with new gadgets and moved into a new home.
I've seen babies born, remembered loved one gone on and been a listening ear to those still here with me.
My world hasn't changed all that much; same job, same friends, same city, same life....but I can honestly say that at this point last year I was younger, more naieve, less thoughtful, and not as wise.
I may not feel as strong or as confident as I someday wish to feel, but I know that everyday I am learning and loving and walking my journey as best I can.
I know I am supported by my relationship with my Heavenly Father as well as my wonderful earthly family, my dear friends, my work and church family and even by those who say a prayer for me once in a while.
I thank you all for your part in making this past year an exciting, moving, fun, delightful, challening and insightful year.
I step forward without knowing what lies ahead, yet I trust my foot falls where it should. I can only hope to love more, learn more and grow more at each step I take.
May God bless you and your world this year, too!

This is my favourite photo I've taken from 2007:


Elise said...

That's beautiful, Kirsten. What a lovely way to begin the new year. I hope this year brings you many blessings!

FooFooBerry said...


I'm playing catch-up on your blog. It's motivating me to post on mine now too which is a good thing.

This is beautifully written and makes me appreciate my last year as well and realize how blessed I am.

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