January 4, 2009

It's a NEW Year.

So here it is.
The obligatory New Year's post filled with reflection, insight and perspective of the days to come in 2009.

Reflections: 2008 had it's moments, both good and bad. I made a new friend in the west coast land of Tofino and travelled there 4 times both camping and checking out some awesome cabins. I had a great road trip to Alberta. I always love driving through the Rocky Mountains. Such beauty left me breathless. I saw and spent time with relatives I love and encountered some of the craziest weather both during the summer and winter that I have ever seen! I took many, many photos and learned new skills along the way. There were some low moments, some sad moments, and some heart breaking moments. I tried not to dwell on them and move on, but my heart does not heal quickly.

Insight: My life hasn't changed much from the end of last year. I have the same job, the same home, the same hobbies, and most of the same friends. Is this because I haven't changed, and is that a good thing? Or should I be pursuing new things, pushing myself out of my comfortable boxy life?

Future Perspective: I have a yearning to travel more, to go places I've never been. I have a few ideas and will try to journey on them all. I have a secret project I'm slowly trying out. You may never hear about it, but one day I may look back and see that I made myself a pledge to follow through and complete it. I love my dear friends, but I need to branch out and meet more people. Not change my circle, just widen it to include new friends. I enjoy my job, but I need to push myself to try out new projects and chase after the passions that I've hidden or suppressed for so long. I also need to rely and trust more in what God has for me...in every area of my life. Knowing and trusting are two very different states of mind - I need to trust.

These are NOT "new years resolutions", simply hopes for the future and reminders that I can look back on to urge me forward when I need a nudge.

I look forward to 2009...not with eagerness, but with a mature fear and respect for what I do not understand as I step out into the unknown and a tightly held hope for joy and happiness as my steps find a solid place to land.

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shantala said...

You sound inspired. That is the best place to be in. In that place you can re-discover your passions and God can refine who you are. I am very curious about your "secret" project... Maybe I will be blessed to hear all about it :)

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