July 3, 2015

Today's Action Plan (Freebie!)

Download a FREE Daily Task Planner! - theretherekitten.com

I'm taking a quick break from updating you all about my recent UK trip to bring you a FREEBIE!
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(and who doesn't like freebies?
If you don't...well, you're weird.)

My good friend showed me some samples of a daily task sheet and asked me to make something specific for her so she wouldn't have post-its notes all over her work space.

I took the best bits from a few samples and came up with something that combines a daily fitness & water log with appointments, daily goals, To Do lists and a reflective grateful list etc.

My pal was so happy with the result she shared the sample around and her co-worker wanted the same but in another colour scheme.

So, YOU have two colour options to choose from: Blue/Teal/Coral or Purple/Yellow/Teal.

Download a FREE Daily Task Planner! - theretherekitten.com

Feel free to print and share and I'd love any feedback you have on what works or what you like best about this daily tracking sheet.

Take Care!

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