January 5, 2012

My "List" for the year 2012

January 2012...most of us make lists of resolutions, or "To Do" lists, lists of things we regret we did not do last year or lists of things we want to do this year. Have you made such a list?

I just cracked open a brand new journal that I got for Christmas (an annual self-bought-gift...more on that another time) and started making a list for myself for 2012. Not so much a list of resolutions, but more of a list of reminders.

I don't regret my time in 2011, but when I look back, I can't help but wonder if I acutally used my precious, God-given time to its' full advantage. Did I take every opportunity and make the most of it? Could I have done more? Been more? Loved more? Helped more? Did I let fear guide me instead of trust? What would 2011 have looked like if I had changed one moment?

Yet 2011 is now over and done and all I have are the days before me to make a difference, to explore and enjoy.  I yearn for an adventure! I want to go places and have things happen to me! However, I know if I want some things to happen, I might need to go out and make them happen for myself.

That being said in very random order,

Here is my 2012 LIST:
1. Travel more
2. Enjoy more theatre and concerts
3. Hike!
4. Recycle more
5. Go through and donate stuff
6. Write real letters
7. Figure out more about ME
8. Longer walks with Willow (my dog)
9. Learn my guitar
10. Trust God everyday
11. Thanks people more
12. SMILE More!
13. Train more people to cover my job (so I can do #1-2!)
14. Learn new skills
15. Finish a project
17. Make lots of jewelry (see #16)
18. Read more (less TV!)
19. Cut out Diet Coke!
21. write write write!!!!!
I'm sure I will want to alter and edit this list, but here it is, my wishes, hopes, wants, thoughts for 2012 as of January 5th.

What is YOUR list for 2012??

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Sarah said...

That's a great list! I started a new journal on January 1st, too. My goal is to remember to write in it consistently. I am excited to see what you make with your jewelry!

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