October 21, 2016

Five Minute Friday - Park

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I wasn't 16 when I finally got my Driver's License. In fact, I was just over 18.
It's not like I didn't want it, I just had other friends and family who were driving me all the time anyway, I didn't see the urgency.
I took the written Learner's test at age 16, passed and just never got around to leaning and taking my driving test. I took the written test a few more times to keep my Learner's permit—at that time I think your Learner's ran out after 6 months.

Finally I was feeling ready to take the driving test.
I had been out driving and practicing with my dad several times.
He was a great driving teacher and gave me all the basics I needed not to crash and burn or endanger anyone else on the road.

I even had one or two driving moments with my mom, but they didn't turn out great considering I was driving her manual transmission little car in which I hadn't really practiced before. And there was a hill, and it had been raining! I believe we even had to stop and switch places mid-hill because I just couldn't get the hang of shifting.

One of the best things my parents did for me was give me one driving lesson with a professional driving school instructor.

I was doing well with him on the road, in traffic, until we pulled down a residential road and he asked me to parallel park between two cars.
"Park? Here? Now?" I asked, trepidation evident in my wavering voice.
"Yes, right here looks good. Go ahead"
"But I've never..," I was terrified I would do it wrong and scrape both the instructors car and the cars on the street. Wasn't there some practice area with orange cones I could demolish first?!

However, the wise instructor calmly walked me through what to do.
"Pull up right beside the front car, back up and turn to a 45 degree angle until your front passenger window is even with the other car's back bumper then slowly straighten out as you continue backing into the space" he instructed as I nervously turned the steering wheel. (Of course he added all the safety checking necessary.)

A few moments later, and ta-dah! I had done it! My first time parallel parking and I had nailed it!
I had just needed the right description and the right instructions, simple and straight forward.

I still use his method of parking and still feel like a pro every time I ease into a tight spot without frustration. And I did get my driver's license after one passed road test!


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Patricia Alderman said...

I, too, somehow got the parallel parking gene and I toot my own horn (not literally, haha!) every time I back into a spot with ease. It's the little things in life, right? :)
Patricia (FMF#31)

J Sparrows said...

I don't know why, but I loved this: "I had just needed the right description and the right instructions, simple and straight forward." I can't drive because I can't see very well and cerebral palsy. I've kinda pictured it though. Because the gas is on the right and right side is the weaker part of my body, I just imagine me gunning it and..I can't imagine backing up. Lol. But I think what you wrote about needing simple and straight forward instructions applies to being still, waiting too.

Thanks for sharing, Kirsten ☺️

Visiting from fmf.


Cheryl Simpson said...

I still don't feel confident parallel parking--but I don't have to do it much either. After all my years of driving, I have either made it happen or found another place to park, (I still get nervous parallel parking on a busy street. It's the time pressures, I guess.
Maybe I could get some pointers?

When I had my driver's test, it was in the DMV lot. They had a test course. I did well and had no problems, but I didn't have other drivers beeping at me either.

Glad to be your fmf neighbor


Kirsten B. said...

Thanks for the comments!

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