October 10, 2016

Write 31 Days - Unknown

When I was little I had a good idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up.
There was "Policeman", "Cowboy", even "Ballerina" for a short time.
And no, it didn't phase me that those vocations were probably not suited for a shorter, non-athletic, day-dreamer of a girl...who was definitely NOT a man or boy or dancer of any sort.

But there it was, I was a dreamer.
I told stories, I imagined things on a grand scale, and I played with an intensity that never seemed to dull or give in to the mundaneness of life.

I came by my big-thinking honestly. I had a mother who enjoyed life, who always commented on the beautiful mountains or pointed out even the smallest of wildlife to us on car trips. I had a father who cared for us and worked hard so we could enjoy our life, who showed his sly sense of humour at just the right times to make us laugh uproariously.

As I grew and learned and read and poured into my knowledge-eager brain, the possibilities of my future expanded to include "Writer" or "Teacher" or...anything! (Except perhaps mathematician or accountant!)

The only problem was that I was unsure of the unknown.
I didn't really know what I wanted to be, or what I wanted to do.

I tried out many things in school, even attending University and trying out a few different types of courses. Yet, I still felt like I was facing some big unknown.

I didn't have one single burning passion for a specific career choice as some young people seemed to. I didn't even seem to think that the things I was good at would translate into a job somewhere down the line.

I was facing the unknown void and staring at it as I traveled along my side of the crevasse, hoping to discern what lay ahead.

Years and several different jobs have gone by and I can tell you now that I am no longer staring into the unknown. My future didn't hang or depend on one single choice, I traveled my path, learning along the way, honing my skills, finding out what I was good at and here, now I am happy.

The unknown no longer shadows my steps.

I am living and enjoying life as I bring whatever gifts I have into the world to make it better.

It may have taken me a bit longer than most, but I've left the unknown behind me.

This has been a writing prompt post from #Write31Days, join in the fun. 

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Christina Hubbard - Creative and Free said...

There is hope for us wandering undeciders! I love hearing the journey to your path. All of the choices and divergent paths probably inform exactly who you are! Thanks for joining the challenge! P.S. I love Canada.

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