October 11, 2016

Write 31 Days - Sky

Have you ever had a dream where you were flying?
Ever felt yourself soaring through the puffy clouds, wind grazing your face as you squint against the bright light of the warm, yellow sunlight?

Obviously, I have!

I've had dreams where I was flying, free of any encumbering plane, or apparatus, or jet pack...just flying. Who knows how, maybe I had super powers in those dreams.

I've also had a few dreams where I was piloting a super small helicopter, zooming over marshes and fields and forest, climbing over mountain peaks and down the slopes of glaciers.
And by super small, I mean my tiny helicopter was basically a glassed-in bubble, just fitting around me with the typical helicopter joystick for controls and small but powerful blades above my head.
I'm not sure why, but those mini helicopter dreams always wake me with such elation and joy.

I think maybe my second calling in life is to figure out a way to make tiny, personal flying devices.
Okay, perhaps not.

I do love to travel, though, and for me, one of the best moments is that tension-filled, exciting pull as your airplane surges forward on the runway finally freeing itself from the ground. I love that take-off moment!

I know maybe people don't care to fly, or even have major anxiety flying, but I've alwsy found the adventure in flight.
I always try to get myself a good window seat and stare out at the miniature world below as we climb into the clouds.

I'm not so sure, after all, that I would like my own personal aircraft, I feel pretty safe in my comfy seat with someone else who is skilled manning the controls. I like the rush but I don't really want to drive.

Sometimes we need that. We need to let go and let someone else be in charge.

Sometimes stepping back or down is the most difficult but best thing we can do.

This has been a writing prompt post from #Write31Days, join in the fun. 

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Emily Conrad said...

Those dreams sound like a lot of fun! I can fly in my dreams (though it's been a while, so maybe I lost the superpower? ;) ), but it's not the carefree experience it sounds like it is in yours! In cars and planes, I do like someone else to do the driving, but in life, I'm still learning to hand over the control! Visiting from spot 7 in the link up on Creative and Free :)

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