October 8, 2016

Write 31 Days - Muddle


I'm not the best at handling confrontation.
But I'm working on it.

Usually I muddle my way through.
 I make mistakes, I may clam up and not say what I really want to, or lash out with emotion too soon, too fast.
But, as I said, I'm working on it.

I'm a great observer, I have been for most of my life.
I watch, I listen, I taken in sides, I try and ascertain motivations and reasons.
I've been an observer, on the sidelines per se, for many situations that I'd rather be playing on the field.
So you'd think, by now, I'd be adroit in my handling of many different types of situations and confirmations.
However, I have found that it takes practice, conditioning, and trial and error in order to not to muddle my way through.

I can stock up my knowledge and earn a quiver full of examples but until I am placed, smack-dab into a situation, I'm not sure how I will handle myself.
I will rely on what I've researched, observed, and learned.
Hopefully I won't make a mess of future confrontation, good or bad, when faced with it.

I don't want to muddle through.
I want to be prepared.
I want to be strong, calm, and have tactics on hand to deal with anything that comes my way.
I'd like to take "muddle" out of my vocabulary when pertaining to my personal situations and confrontations.

I'd rather be known as a problem solver than a mere muddler.
I'll do my best and try and be prepared. That's all we ever can be.

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Tammy said...

Your last line says it all. :) Thanks for sharing!

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